Railings & Perimeter Fencing

Our hand-crafted metal railings, made from high-quality steel are a fantastic addition to your property. With the added option of galvanized protection, your railings will withstand the elements and remain to look great for years to come.

We offer security with the added benefit of years of design knowledge and quality craftsmanship to give you the most visually attractive railings on the market. With hundreds of designs and styles to choose, railings from Thames security will compliment your individual style and add value to your property without looking imposing or interfering with your properties character and charm.

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Ornamental Railings


We can create your ornamental railings from scratch or match them to existing metalwork on your property.  We will construct to your exact needs and design bespoke made to measure railing using the highest quality ironmongery available in the United Kingdom. There are hundreds of variations to choose from and a range of distinctive characteristics. You’ll be sure to get the ideal design to suit your taste and style.

Security Railings

When safety is your number one priority, we can create robust, imposing security railings that deter intruders and help to keep your property secure. Clean and simple, cost-effective designs that provide that a physical barrier around the perimeter of your property. Our simplified models are easy to install and within a day your property can have a secure perimeter with minimal disruption.

Palisade Security Fencing

Our palisade security fencing offers high security and is a cost-effective way of keeping your property safe and secure. Palisade fencing is ideal for commercial properties due to its imposing industrial look. The style, size and colour of the fencing are customizable to your requirements. All of our fencing comes galvanised as standard with a zinc coating to protect from the outside elements. Therefore, our palisade fencing doesn’t require painting to prevent erosion. Ideal if keeping costs down is a priority.