Security Cages

Our modular design that can be tailored to suit even the most challenging environment where space and obstacles can be a problem. Our robust, sturdy design is perfect for internal spaces that contain sensitive or high-value assets and is customizable to your bespoke specification.

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Security Cages

At Thames Security, our security cages are made to the highest standards out of galvanised steel and heavy-duty steel mesh. Mesh cages are easy to install and offer flexibility to section off areas or to create rooms within your internal space. Sensitive data which includes servers can be partitioned off, meaning you’ll be safe in the knowledge that you’re in control. Our cages are also very effective if your primary aim is loss prevention of stock, it puts you back in charge of who has access and when. Meaning you can concentrate on running your business while protecting assets.

Most common uses for our mesh cages include:

  • Schools ( high-value I.T components. Sports equipment)
  • Retail ( locking away stock with controlled access)
  • Industrial ( tools and machinery )
  • Data centres ( servers and IT equipment to comply with data protection regulations )
  • External cages ( garden tools, dog kennels)

Another benefit when buying a cage from Thames Security is the smart modular design which means that as your needs as a business change so can your cage! Segments are adaptable; you can add more doors or if moving premises the cage can be modified to fit into its new environment. Our steel cages are a great investment that you can take with you as your business grows.

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